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Studio Creatiwittie, an accomplished company based in Kolkata, INDIA. We provide high quality 3d architectural visualization services. We are also authorized partners for HDF Laminated Flooring​ products and Mikasa Flooring products.

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Studio Creatiwittie Core Service

3D Visualizations

Studio Creatiwittie, an accomplished architectural rendering company based in Kolkata, INDIA. We provide high quality 3d architectural visualization services. We are a company totally committed to qualitative work approach, creativity with innovative ideas.

Our clientele includes architects, developers, interior designers, contractors, landscape architects, planners and other professionals in related field. We have completed 12 years in this field and completed more than thousands of residential, commercial, building 3D visualization projects. The recognition received from our clients worldwide is proof of our abilities.

Our experience in delivering architectural renderings and models spans more than 12 years. A successful track record and a growing clientele speak about the value of our services. We build our business associations on trust and integrity. We aim for increased client satisfaction with focus on quality and reliability.

1. 3D Exterior building renderings
2. 3D Interior visualizations
3. 2D/3D colored floor plans
4. 3D Architectural master site plans
5. 3D photo montage
6. 3D Products modeling and renderings

Studio Creatiwittie Core Service

HDF Laminated Flooring

Studio Creatiwittie, an authorized DISTRIBUTOR of Action TESA, HDF Laminated Floorings based in Kolkata, INDIA. We deliver high quality HDF laminated flooring products and services to our customers all over INDIA. Action TESA, has the distinction of having installed first True HDF Based Laminate Wooden Flooring manufacturing facility in India.

Action is the first company in India, which started manufacturing HDF Laminated Flooring. We have designed our Manufacturing processes as per Indian Climate Conditions and hence we can proudly say our flooring is “Made in India” for India.

Studio Creatiwittie Core Service

MIKASA Real Wood Flooring

MIKASA IS REAL WOOD FLOORS. A creation of nature’s giving spirit, Mikasa floors are the epitome of authenticity and made for you to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of real wood without any of its drawbacks. By using responsibly sourced real wood, your floors will channel the serene essence of nature throughout your home with each and every plank.

MIKASA FLOORS ARE EASY TO INSTALL, REMOVE AND RE-INSTALL. PlankLoc is a revolutionary technology that locks two planks together without using glue, ensuring that the joints that bind the two planks never open up. PlankLoc allows for ease of installation, giving a seamless look to your floors that withstands the effects of seasonal change and foot traffic.

FULLY SUPPORTED BY A WARRANTY OF UP TO 30 YEARS. A meticulous process, from the cut of every corner to the finishing of each plank, Mikasa’s plank production ensures that you are always standing on a pristine veneer that is oblivious to the test of time.

DESIGNED TO PROVIDE STABILITY IN ANY CLIMATIC CONDITION. Mikasa floors consist of 3 layers composed of real hard wood, a stabilizing core and a balancing layer.
Put together using the most modern technology, this construction provides solidity and stability to every plank while restricting the expansion and contraction of wood and giving your floor resilience to stand the test of time and climate.

WITH MIKASA, MAINTENANCE ISN’T A CHORE. Boasting strong surfaces that lasts for years, Mikasa ensures that maintaining your floors takes anything but effort. A vacuum cleaner, mop or a broom are all that you need to retain your floor’s gleaming new sheen.

THE WIDEST NETWORK OF SALES AND SERVICE OUTLETS IN THE COUNTRY. The widest range of real wood floors produced in India also possesses one of the widest distribution networks. With retail outlets and sales offices strategically located across the country, Mikasa ensures that timeless beauty is never too far from any home, no matter the address.

DESIGNED TO PROVIDE STABILITY IN ANY CLIMATIC CONDITION. CHOOSE FROM A VAST PORTFOLIO OF FLOORING DECOR. Truly a symphony of shades, surfaces and textures, Mikasa’s portfolio offers the largest variety of real wood floors along with matching accessories. Every plank and accessory is stained or smoked to perfectly integrate into, and serve to illuminate, the artistic vision you hold for your venue.

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